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5 Health Problems due to Long Sitting Hours & How to Avoid it?

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Adopting the correct sitting position is essential for maintaining good posture and a healthy back and spine. 


Many people have this dilemma that sitting for long hours can lead to physical problems such as Backpain, Neckpain, Tiredness, and postural deformity. If you are a student & Corporate employee, then you have to spend most of your time at your work desk. Not only students and employees but anyone who sits for long hours can face a range of adverse health effects, including bad posture and back health.

Some researchers have proved that long sitting hours can lead to a number of health complications. Sitting for more than eight hours can lead to postural problems like disc damage, strained neck, and swayed back in long run.

Many people are facing some physical problem due to Long sitting every day( Including myself). So, in this article I am sharing with you some major health problems caused due to prolonged sitting.

5 Major health Problems from long sitting hours:

#1. Imbalance in Spinal Structure

Sitting for long hours can directly affect your spine and causes problems like the inflexible spine, strained neck, sore shoulders, and back pain.

The Sacrum and Coccyx

#2. Weight Gain

If you spend your day moving, then your body releases molecules like lipoprotein lipase. These molecules helps process the fats and sugars you eat. But If you spend your day prolonged sitting then release of these molecules is reduced.

Some Studies suggests that men who spent more time sitting than usual, gained more weight around the middle.

5 Reasons Why Men Suddenly Gain Weight

#3. Increase Risk of Diabetes

A study suggests that when a person sits for long hours, its cells do not readily respond to the insulin produced by the pancreas. Thus, People who spend most time sitting have almost 112 percent increased risk of diabetes.

Schizophrenia may cause type 2 diabetes, new study finds

#4. Rise in Stress level

When we spend our day moving, our body releases some hormones which improve our mood. These hormones supply fresh oxygen through the brain which keeps us feel energized. However, if a person spends a day sitting long hours, it will increase its stress level.

Stress levels are off the charts!

#5.Increases Heart Problems

Long sitting hours can directly affect your cardiovascular Complications due to High-blood pressure, & Bad Cholesterol levels. A study found that people who spent more than 23 hours/week watching TV had a 64 percent greater chance of dying from Heart disease than people who watched TV for fewer hours.

We know that exercise, jogging, or playing any sports increase our heart rate and decrease heart problems. In the same way, if we spend our day sits long hours, we are inducing pressure on our heart which will result in a higher risk of suffering from a heart attack or stroke.

What Causes a Heart Attack at a Young Age? - Cardiac / Heart Health, Health  Topics - Hackensack Meridian Health

How to Avoid these Health Problems

We can tackle these health problems by adopting some lifestyle changes, some daily habits and Exercises. You can find below some basic things you can do to improve your posture and escape from these health problems.

1. Don’t Sit for too long & Take Hourly Breaks

Don’t sit for too long hours and take some hourly breaks. You can go for a small walk, this will increases blood flow in the body and you will feel more productive.

Employee breaks policy template | Workable

2. Do Some Stretching

It’s important that you should not stay in the same posture for long period and If you are not in a mood of doing some Push-up. You Can try stretching your legs and arms every other hour while sitting at the chair.

10 Easy Ways to Work Stretching Into Your Daily Routine

3. Sit in a right Sitting Posture

If you sit for long hours then it is very important that you should always sit in a right posture.

So, What’s the right Posture

The best sitting position depends on a person’s height, the chair they are using, and the activity they are doing while sitting.

  • Sit straight and touch the chair’s end with your back
  • Place your computer or Monitor at arm’s length and no more than 2 inches above the natural line of sight.
  • Keep feet flat on the ground
  • Avoid Crossing knees
  • sitting up straight and looking forward without straining the neck
The Role of Posture and Health: Good vs Bad

4. Try Some Neck Exercises

It is quite common that we feel pain in our neck while sitting for long hours. To tackle this one should try some basic exercises like

  • Dropping head slowly to one side
  • Moving your ear towards the shoulder

5. Doing Yoga regularly

Yoga has immense benefits, it is the solution for our all health-related problems. Doing yoga regularly will be very helpful to improve your posture and increases blood circulation in the body.

All About Yoga: Poses, Types, Benefits, and More | Everyday Health


We know that work is important and we have to sit long hours for our work but as sitting hours causes some serious health problems. One should try some lifestyle changes to be more active and also escape from these health problems. I really want every human being should include YOGA in their daily life and make it a habit of doing it regularly because believe me it is a game-changer. It not only has physical benefits but also it also helps in mental problems such as Anxiety, Stress & Depression.

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